My healing journey to clarity.

This blog was created to help me along my healing journey, to add my voice to the spreading awareness of these walking nightmares, and to share hard-earned knowledge of the covert Narcissist experience. 

I lived half my life believing I was happy, loved, and safe. Then I got ill and he unmasked as a total stranger who’d lived a double life the whole time. The man I  knew as gentle and quiet was, underneath it all, simmering with rage, sadistic and predatory who’d operated under the radar of marriage in order to fit into society.

“True healing is an unglamorous process of living into the long lengths of pain. Forging forward in the darkness. Holding the tension between hoping to get well and the acceptance of what is happening. Tendering a devotion to the impossible task of recovery, while being willing to live with the permanence of a wound; befriending it with an earnest tenacity to meet it where it lives without pushing our agenda upon it. But here’s the paradox: you must accept what is happening while also keeping the heart pulsing towards your becoming, however slow and whispering it may be.”

Excerpt From “Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home” ( by Toko-pa Turner


Gentle healing to us all.

Sabine Fourneaux

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