What can you say to a covert narcissist to get them self-aware without triggering them?

By Sabine Fourneaux

Once you truly understand covert NPD, you will understand that there is nothing safe you can say without triggering them and bringing a whole world of pain down on your head.

They may act receptive but you will pay for it. And, because their style is passive aggression, it will be a subtle destruction which can take months down the road before you realize ‘something’ is different. But what they say and the feelings you begin picking up on are difficult to make sense of at first. Be assured, when you expose them and let them know you see behind their mask you are writing the beginning to your end and the experience will escalate as your total destruction will become their focus. They cannot take accountability, they will project everything onto you. It becomes a nightmare of mind games, and games are what they do best.

When You Unmask a Covert Narcissist, RUN, But Quietly!


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