What help is there for the Narcissist Personality Disordered person?

Can someone diagnosed with Narcissist Personality Disorder change?

By Sabine Fourneaux

While there is no cure for NPD, they can learn positive adaptive behaviors by working with a focused and compassionate mental health professional — with transparent honesty and full disclosure. The key is embracing shame in a healthy way — as it is the guide to learning about what we need to address and change within ourselves.

They have to hit rock bottom so hard and have enough self-awareness, that they want to change. Even then, it will be a lifelong struggle — as the pressures of life build, their overriding nature will prevail once more. But, they can gain insight into their default mechanisms and learn to adopt different coping strategies. Whether they use them depends on their circumstances.

In this video interview, Dr. Simon, author of “In sheep’s clothing”, explains his approach in helping NPDs learn to adopt healthy strategies.


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