two hearts. a poem.



your tender heart
beats no more still
though decades past
I feel your will

for childish hurts
can’t represent
a heart that is broken
and cannot repent

the ashes of time
with aches of yon lives
fill each with remorse
and each with their drive

drawn pale lips so tender
and hair in soft gold
the lifelong gift for you
to never grow old

you live on in memories
of those left behind
those that were loved
and thought you so kind

an outpouring of grief
the likes they never knew
such coming together
as one for so few

through silences kept
and judgments confined
the guilty were freed
the other maligned

all golden heads
forever they’re kept
in vaults of enigma
the youngest one wept

to live in the shadow
of that burning light
no oxygen left
no help for my fright

the wickedest of nights
in safety we’d stayed
my body and soul
that evil man preyed

you’d fussed and ranted
of this, you won’t see
the memory of it
belonged only to me

dear mother so striven
for glamour and sight
was socially driven
her actions not right

for soon into hands
did she not deliver
the evilest of man
to make her child quiver

“Do you see this?”
with rage in his voice
you speak just a word
you’ll leave me no choice

so gently you’d slept
on that horrid night
when no one had cared
that knew of my plight

loud playgrounds full
of childish delight
I sat there alone
and gave up the fight

while my will was broken
the sun looked the same
to speak of it now
would only bring shame

left behind there
with so much regret
promises made
were no longer kept

the farther we went
the deeper we’d wept
to hell we were sent
as child of light slept

alone you’ll decay
deep sunken in earth
with seasons long past
we still feel your worth

those long drunken nights
his love he proclaimed
he’d held me too close
he’d said we’re the same

in bed then I’d lay
all clothed for the flight
I could not stay trapped
for chance that he might

absent mother’s own cares
her thoughts worlds away
an earthquake had hit her
her body did sway

the man she long loved
had disappeared
a father, her lover
forever was feared

that moment in time
no glimmer or clue
when nothing can hold
a love once felt true

shattered with speed
what was once held so dear
no future assured
fogged vision unclear

the oldest flew west
when dad flew the coop
the past where he went
and leave us to stoop

now homeless and lost
with nowhere to go
he’d evicted us sooner
though we did not know

our Pixie who loved
and was loved by us all
was given away
with no thought to her fall

on walks I would find her
all covered in filth
her heart was so happy
my heart filled with guilt

alone she would die
her time will have come
when no one still came
no more was heard from

on Christmas eve’s then
when we were our last
her presence had filled
for those who had passed

a spirit so pure
so gentle as she
could never belong
to those such as we

— Sabine Fourneaux, CK

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