Christopher Watts blames his wife.

Who did not see this coming a mile away!?

The malignant narcissist’s mind is always working to spin everything to work in their favor… This tactic is employing the CLASSIC ‘poor me’ tale of how he’s really the victim of his wife, and that it was her behavior that drove him to kill her — he lost his mind seeing what she’d donetemporary insanity! Defense rests.

He forgets we all saw his interviews with ZERO emotions and that it was him that put those girls in oil cans.

I hope they hang him slow.

Narcissists can be very dangerous. Stay safe, stay smart.

From ‘The Malignant Narcissistic Dimension in the Antisocial Personality Disorder‘, Journal of Forensic Research
People with this disorder have a shocking variety of abnormal traits. There have been numerous attempts to identify an essential core of the disorder. The most useful of these are the following four traits: failure in creating connections based on affection, impulsive actions, lack of the feeling of guilt, inability to learn from negative experiences.
Failure in creating connections based on affection is accompanied by selfishness and indifference. In the extreme form there is a degree of hardness that allows that individual to commit cruel, painful and degrading acts onto others. This lack of feeling is often in striking contrast with a personal charm that allows the patient superficial and fleeting relationships. Sexual activity is conducted without tenderness. Marriage is often marked by the lack of concern for the partner, and sometimes by physical violence.

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