Watch a typical psychologist missing all the clues.

This video shows how poorly trained the ‘professionals’ are at spotting a pathological Narcissist. The very essence of them is a false mask — they LIE as easily as they breathe. The psychologist has zero clues about reading this guy. Chris Watts’ affect is flat, he keeps grinning where a distressed person’s mouth would be downturned — if you didn’t know the subject matter and turned off the sound he would look like a guy talking about his preferred yard service! Christopher Watts is a Malignant Narcissist, and there needs to be a lot more awareness surrounding this type of subhuman. They are the ‘actors’ of life, and they are dangerous!

The personal details are irrelevant, life always spirals out of control with these disordered individuals. From what I have read, Shanann fits the classic profile of the targetted person, she was isolated, had health issues and was vulnerable. Chris came into her life and became her everything. This disordered personality type lives on the energy of the target and Shanann was all about fuel. She doesn’t know this, she thinks she is living the dream with her perfect husband — her videos show this. People like her compensate, they project their innate empathy onto their partner — she believes he is what he presents and ignores all evidence to the contrary.

He could rescue her and she would adore him, add a few years into marriage and it gets booorrringgg. Where’s the constant adoration and gratitude about what a great guy I am? Now I’ve got to mow the lawn and feed the kids. The girl in the office sure looks cute…. And so their pattern goes. That’s a standard Narcissist Personality Disordered person’s cycle. When you get to the malignant end of the NPD spectrum you have pathological lying — lying done so effortlessly, so flawlessly and so believably because that is all they have been doing their whole lives. Their whole life is a lie. The details of their private lives plays this out, she’s frantically doing her best to build a solid life by working hard, raising her girls, keeping a nice house, but their background tells the story of her duress.

This is a lesson in what a malignant narcissist is capable of.

Chris Watts is personality disordered, there is some debate whether this is mental illness.

Definition of a Personality Disorder.

Personality disorders are characterized by fundamental differences between the individual and most other people. These differences may be related to how the individual deals with or experiences emotion, but they may also extend to differences in how they interact with others, think about problems and interpret situations.’

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