A narcissist’s laugh — a not obvious clue.

A narcissist does not genuinely laugh — and their laughs can be very weird!

My NPD ex wore the quiet, shy, angelic mask and it always jarring to hear him laugh. It was a loud, barking percussive sound that would echo through the depths of the offices and halls. Everyone would comment on his laugh, no one understanding that it was faked and it sounded like that because he didn’t know how to do it well. In all the time living with him, no matter how funny what we were watching or listening to was, there was never a sincere expression from him. Unless there was an audience, he couldn’t even put out a chuckle.

There is no joy in them, so there is no ability to feel mirth.

Watch this video for more info:

Red Flag of Narcissist/ The forced/fake laugh.

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