The poor misunderstood narcissist just wants sympathy.

Does anyone care how hard it is to live with NPD or do you really just see us as animals because you function from a point of lack of understanding?

Posted by Stephen Underwood, Quora.

This is exactly the type of question a narcissist would ask. Totally self-serving and all about them. Lack of understanding? Poor poor narcissist! How misunderstood you are.

Somewhere in your studies about narcissism you read that it’s most likely an incurable disorder. That it’s not your fault. That maybe you had a parent that cultivated you to believe that you didn’t have to live within the structure that most of us in society adhere to. Maybe your mommy didn’t love you enough and you never develop empathy. Or maybe you heard that you suffered a trauma in your childhood. Maybe God came down from the heavens and saw your greatness and gave you his job because he knew that you could do it better than he could.

Whatever the case may be, as a result you became self-entitled and believed that you were given a free pass to hurt, lie, manipulate, deceive, and destroy all others around you for your enjoyment.

The biggest problem with narcissists, and those that refuse to hold narcissists accountable, is that they made a choice to be this way. And I am referring solely to their actions. They may not have empathy, they may not have a conscience, but they most certainly know right from wrong.

They know when they hurt someone. They know when they lie to someone. They know when they deceive someone. They know this because they get enjoyment from it . They know this because their very existence depends on the LIE. Everything they do is to protect that lie. They are self-aware of everything that they do. They just don’t care!

That is why I agree with those psychologists who believe that narcissism actually isn’t a psychological disorder but rather a moral disorder. They know if people saw the real person behind that mask of Lies, they would want nothing to do with them at all. They know if people saw through their facade they would be shunned or ostracized.

Dr. George Simon says it best “ They are aware, They just don’t care!” “They see, They just disagree!” They are just wolves in sheep’s clothing. Giving their prey no more thought than a cat does as it terrorizes the mouse.

They are always aware of what they do and what they say. Every action ,every word is a manipulation to suit their own selfish desires. They see the destruction of their actions but they have disregarded any blame because it makes them feel good. And they are all that matters.

Not having empathy or a conscious did not make them who they are. It just made it easier for them to do the things that they do.

Many of us have suffered horrible, tragic, horror as children and yet we still take responsibility for our own actions. We all come from broken homes and we all have our stories. We just didn’t use that as an excuse to hurt people.

The narcissist is not a unique individual. They’re not special. They’re quite ordinary. They’re so ordinary that once you have knowledge of their tactics you can see them a mile away. That is why so many of us that finally see and gain the knowledge and insight, look back on our times in the relationship and are dumbfounded that we didn’t see.

You see we are taught as a child that there are no monsters actually living under our beds or in our closets. But as adults, we learned one very hard truth. Those monsters actually exist and they hide in plain sight. Not under the bed but under the covers laying next to you.

The very fact that we could never even imagine that people like this actually exist made us easy prey. Who could ever imagine someone could pretend to love you, care about you, even marry you, for the sole purpose of hurting and destroying you? Coming to that reality is why it takes people so long to get out of these toxic relationships.

Even after you’re faced with the hard truth you still can’t believe all of this was intentional. They always were aware! They always didn’t care!

So to answer your question :

Does anyone care how hard it is to live with NPD or do you really just see us as animals because you function from a point of lack of understanding?

The answer is simple. No!! Not anymore. It’s ironic that you want us to have empathy for you. When it’s that very thing you find a weakness. It’s our ability to love that you find disgusting. It’s our happiness that you seek to destroy.

We care about as much as you would for a dog with rabies. I’m sorry that the dog has rabies but that dog needs to be put down. Even more so because that dog can’t control itself.

Narcissists, on the other hand, could if they wanted to. They choose to do the things they do. They choose to behave the way they do.

Because you my friend are aware of what you are. You are aware of the damage and evil that you bring within this world every day. You are aware of the hurt and Devastation that you caused everyone that you come in contact with. You are aware of the lies, manipulations, destruction, Cons, and evil that you perpetrate on a daily basis. You are aware of it all. You are aware! You just don’t f****** care!

So why the f*** should we? The fact that we did in the first place is why we are all f****** here!!

Let me pose these questions to you:

  • Do you care about the damage narcissists have done to people who loved them?
  • Do you care about the ones that have to take medications to get through the day?
  • Do you care about the people who have lost the ability to sleep?
  • Do you care about the people who suffer from PTSD or c-PTSD due to years a physical or psychological abuse?
  • Do you care about the people who have developed disorders as a result being with a narcissist?
  • Do you care about the ones that have lost the battle and have taken their own lives to escape the pain?
  • Do you care about the tears, hopelessness, anxiety, and depression that people have suffered due to the narcissist?
  • Do you care about the permanent damage that the narcissist has inflicted on their victims?

I could go on and on and on. But we all know the answer. No!! That is the reality of the narcissist. They do not care. They never will care. They just move on to their next victim.

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